Amalfi Coast, Pt. 1 – Sorrento

Ciao, bella.

<—- nope, i couldn’t think of a cornier line to kick off this post.


I know I said I was coming back. But then two weeks after I said that, I left on a trip and I haven’t been home a full week since. And I love it.

It’s been a whirlwind of a year, to say the least. I’m still dizzy from it all and trying to figure out what’s what. But when I touch down in a place I’ve never been before, or even ones that feel a little more familiar, I feel freer. Lost in a new town, laughing with strangers, seeing a place for the very first time – sometimes that’s when I feel most like myself.

I’ve been traveling a lot, but if it’s taught me anything – it’s that I need to do more of it. Somehow. Someone I once knew would say that I’m running from something – and maybe they’re right – but for now, it’s so much fun that I don’t care.

So off I went to Italy.


Can you ever tire of Italy? I was lucky enough to see several Italian cities when I studied abroad – but there are a couple of places still on my list. One of them was the Amalfi Coast. The bluest, clearest ocean, winding roads, endless pizza (not to mention the cheapest wine), quaint towns and some of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen. As soon I set foot there, I knew I may never leave.

We headed first to Sorrento. We stayed at the Grant Hotel Cocumella, a stunning hotel right on the cliffside that would serve just fine as a home for the next few days. The staff was accommodating and kind – so willing to help give recommendations and lead us the right way. It was the perfect mix of luxury, relaxation and old world charm.


Each day started with a breakfast spread of dreams. Yes, they brought you an entire tray of pastries and the best espresso you’ve had as soon as you sit down.


Then we’d climbed down endless stairs to reach out own private beach area.

Climbing back up them was how we justified the pizzas and wine and bread doused in olive oil and sea salt.

21686943_10104149594022188_4215508962454100493_o 21762890_10104149598508198_352816436938429931_o-2

Then we’d stroll into town to wander through alleys, popping into boutiques and stores and on a mission to find the best gelato in town (in order to do so, we decided, you had to try every single place).




Each night we had a fantastic dinner. We dined on the beach or in town – that’s the thing with Sorrento – you can’t really go wrong….stay tuned for where we ate, sorrento part 2. 21762355_10104149593812608_9078098762786180374_o


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