Amalfi Coast, Pt. 2 – Sorrento

OK. So let’s talk about the food. In Italy, the food itself is a love language. Here are some can’t miss highlights.

The first night we ate at Ristorante L’Antica Trattoria which was like a secret garden down an unassuming alleyway in the center of town. Upon on our arrival, our table wasn’t ready quite yet – so they served us champagne and appetizers while we wait (because heaven forbid you get hungry in Italy).


The next night we headed to Ristorante Bagni Sant’ Anna, which was perched at the end of a dock right on the beach. We watched the sunset go down as we ate spaghetti with clams, a melt in your mouth fish and fresh fruit with chocolate glaze (made to order) for dessert.





The last night though, oh it took the cake. Well, really all the desserts. My friend found it after our first restaurant pick was booked and oh did she find a gem! Terrazza Vittoria Ristorante is on the roof of the Hotel Continel, right outside of town near the beach. Make sure to go early so you have a cocktail while watching sunset.

Then prepare for a meal you won’t ever forget. And prepare yourself – they’ll bring out lots of extras (and you’ll want to savor every late bite).

21586745_10104149595384458_3124810320161848112_o (1)



Stuffed, content and happy as clams – we headed off to Positano.

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