amaretto fruit dip

guys. this amaretto fruit dip. it has booze in it.


need i say more?

if heaven was a food, it might be this. it’s like a cloud in your mouth. but boozy.

i have so many feelings when i eat this fruit dip.


and yes, serendipitously it’s great for memorial day! fancy that.

i know – you’re ready to throw a stapler at my head. i realize i’ve talked about memorial day. a lot. but at least i’m not talking about kim and kanye’s wedding, ammiright? #getoveritalready #ruiningmypeopledotcomereading

anywho. i’m eternally going to be the girl obsessed with fruit and deprived of a sweet tooth and a lover of booze (within limits, thanks ya giant buzzkill) so this is like my george clooney of foods.

i just compared food to men. reason #759 why i’m single. and things.

moving on.


i have no shame in my fruit obsession. but to make it more desserty for you sugar freaks – you must have shortcake with it. the fluff of the shortcake and the fluff of the fluffy dip = mind blown.

also, this isn’t my recipe. in high school i lived at my friend kelli’s house, without living there. i knew the garage code, celebrated holidays and vacas with them, pretty sure her mom actually grounded me, fought with her brothers, i would hang out over there by myself kind of way.


and when her mom made this fruit dip, i was over there a lot. diving headfirst into the fridge, standing over the kitchen counter eating this without breathing in between bites. kelli’s mom was kind enough to give me this recipe, i give full credit to her.

i’m eternally grateful to her for introducing me to my fruit/dessertish/fluffy heaven boozy soulmate, among many other things. many.


amaretto fruit dip
Prep time:
Total time:
Serves: lots
  • 3 oz french vanilla pudding
  • 1/2 cup fat free milk
  • 1/4 cup amaretto (you know i did more)
  • 18 oz cool whip



  1.'Jen says

    When I was first out of college and living with friends we used to make this and thought (well, I thought at least) that it was just about THE most perfect thing I had ever tasted. In fact, I’m pretty sure I devoured an entire recipe of it by myself one time (I may have been slightly inebriated, haha). I’m sure if I called up one of these friends today (15 yrs later) and just yelled in a deep voice “FRUIT DIP!” they would know exactly who was calling and what I was talking about. Amazing stuff…just randomly looking for the recipe tonight and came across your page and had to share. Thanks!

    • says

      Haha i love it! I only wish that I had known about this in college – it is one of my favorite things to make when I’m with my friends, especially in the summer. I’m so glad you shared – and hope you do reach out to one of those friends, who knows – maybe you can get together for a reunion and whip some up!

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