Baked Buffalo Chicken Wings

let me tell you about frank.

frank was the 10th housemate in my off campus house at school (maybe the 12th if you count bob marley {the fish} and the boyfriends and the neighbors, i lost count). he was everywhere.

you’d wake up and find him in the living room. he’d be in my housemates bedroom. he’s be smelling up the kitchen. and i was always annoyed with frank. tried to get rid of him a million times, but every time i turned around – there he was.


my housemates had a frank’s hot sauce obsession that bordered on kleptomania, in the most harmless way. i swear we had like 19 bottles at one point. an entire cabinet was dedicated to frank’s  hot sauce.

they put it on popcorn, on eggs, on cheese and crackers, on baked potatoes…what else fox den (name of our house) girls? it was everywhere. they love it.

but there was something about the smell in the morning. i wasn’t a huge fan of it. more of a sriracha girl. and it’s the biggest pain to clean once, by hand, it’s all dried. the dishwasher was perpetually full and unloading it perpetually procrastinated.

buttttt times being achanging/have already changed because college was practically a lifetime ago and my dermatologist told me about this botox discount they’re havingggggg so – hot sauce. my housemates were onto something.


i was craving chicken wings this weekend. and i am like a pregnant person (who’s not/never been pregnant) where my cravings make me walk miles for a certain kind of potato chips. it’s happened,  and i ended up burning half the calories on the journey.

i knew i didn’t want to fry these little guys, so i did them similarly to how i did the bbq ones. the recipe is silly easy. it’s two things. plus wings. except i used cholula. i still don’t like the smell of frank’s. sorry foxden.

and they’ll make you feel like you can fly. even though, chickens don’t fly. semantics. or technicalities. whatever. eat!


Baked Buffalo Chicken Wings
  • 12 drumettes (or wings split)
  • 1/2 cup hot sauce
  • 1/4 cup honey (i used a little less if i’m being completely honest, depends if you want them a little sweeter)
  • salt and pepper
  1. preheat oven to 450 degrees.
  2. spray a cookie sheet with cooking spray
  3. place chicken wings on cooking sheet, sprinkling with salt and pepper
  4. cook for about 25 minutes, until brown and crispy
  5. meanwhile, in a medium bowl combine hot sauce with honey
  6. remove chicken wings, turn broiler on
  7. add a few chicken wings at a time to the hot sauce mixture, until coated thoroughly – then transfer back to cookie sheet. repeat until all chicken wings are coated.
  8. broil for about 8 minutes
  9. remove from oven and brush with additional hot sauce
  10. done!



  1.' says

    I think my husband will adore this recipe! I read your birth anniversary post and love that you started blogging because your ex- told you not to. I started blogging and opened my own business after a boss fired me (I asked to take off for my 20-something’s serious operation where her recovery in the hospital was 7 days and he told me no, I could only have one day – well, you can imagine the rest of the story). Your writing is terrific and your photos are gorgeous, keep it up.

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