Berry Beet Smoothie Bowl

So I have this friend.


I don’t know how much my parents pay her to feign interest in my shenanigans, but I do hope it’s a decent amount for my looney tunes.

Anyway, this friend (who has never lived in a big city) – recently looks at me and goes, “can I ask you a stupid question?” – as if that isn’t almost music to my ears every time I hear it, mostly because it implies that I just might have the right answer and insight into something. Anything. Even a stupid thing.

“What’s it like living in the city? Like, how do you grocery shop?”

Which ensues a longwinded explanation involving the grocery shopping equation and the half mile walk. If you have to get toilet paper, then you’re going to skip the cereal boxes and paper towels because it’s too bulky. If you need a 12-pack and canned goods, then forego the butternut squash because it’ll be too much weight. And I told her about the grocery bag that’s durable and big and foldable and how it changed my life and if it came down to that bag or my first born child, I couldn’t make any promises.


And then I let her into something that when discovered, made me think that maybe unicorns do exist: Peapod.

My peapod man probably feels sorry for me because when I open the door and it’s him, it’s all I can do to not jump into his arms.

I actually also feel bad for the delivery guys. Beyond the obvious pain of needing to find parking and the rain/snow/freezing elements, it’s darn near impossible to find the right apartment in a highrise. You know when you go to visit a friend for the first time and you get off the elevator and you’re like, right? Left? Straight? And they make those apartment numbers impossibly small. Like, let me just pull out my trusty magnifying glass because apparently I need to channel my inner nancy drew to have a glass of wine with a friend.

So peapod has basically saved my life this winter. You can read details about the program here but especially because when it’s cold outside, it’s SO tempting to order in. bad stuff. Stuff that will make bikini shopping even more agonizing than it already is. Peapod makes it easy, there’s so much less temptation. You don’t have to pass the chips aisle.


I wanted to check out Peapods produce and I was impressed. You can even choose ripe avocados or non-ripe avocados (but like, who doesn’t want guacamole instantly? No one I want to hang out, I’ll tell you that). And they have pre-cut veggies which is basically the best thing that could ever happen in life. And here’s the best part. As you add things to your cart, it updates the total. I’m obsessed with this feature because I always try to stay within a certain amount at the grocery and this makes it simple. They also have Peapod meal kits that literally are foolproof. Everything comes pre-measured, precut, and pre-washed. You’re welcome.

So my order came all perfectly packaged to my door and then I made these little gems – smoothie bowls! BEET ones. BERRY ones. Smoothie bowls that are fresh and clean and colorful. Smoothie bowls that make it feel like, maybe the sun will come out tomorrow, annie. (though probably not in Chicago………because apparently she HATES the sun).

This one is beet and isn’t she just pretty?! She is SO easy. Like how I have not been making these every blows my mind. You can garnish it however you fancy – granola, shredded coconut, chia seeds, hemp, do yo thing.

All about that beet, bout that beet.



I’ve partnered with Peapod to create this content. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own (and you know I have a lot of them).

Berry Beet Smoothie Bowl
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  • 2 beets, rinsed, peeled and cooked (cooking instructions below. You can also sometimes find these precooked)
  • 1/2 cup plain (or vanilla) greek yogurt (one serving container)
  • 3 to 4 ice cubes
  • 1 cup frozen blueberries (i froze fresh ones)
  • 2 cups frozen strawberries
  • 1/3 cup coconut milk, unsweetened


  1. Combine everything in a blender
  2. Top with whatever you fancy - i did sliced almonds and berries but think granola would be the bomb.




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