Breakfast Toast

i’m awfully glad to see you.



you, that’s reading this post. i’m glad you’re here and i’m here and we’re together right now reading this. well, i’m writing it but you know what i mean. i’m glad i’m here writing to you instead of still battling the monday battles that were relentless today. amiright?

today was such a monday. you know those days when you get through your door and you physically can’t get out of your pants and to the bottle of wine fast enough?


and since monday’s set the tone for the rest of the week, says those people that posts quotes all over my newsfeeds, i figure i’m going to have to find a way to turn this whole train around. so i think we pour a glass of our favorite wine, the one you’ve been saving for the special occasion, and find a comfy little spot. tuck your feet up under there, get cozy.

see, isn’t it better already? things are already looking up because you just decided that today, is indeed a special occasion.

i’m worse than one of those people that post quotes of the day on their social channels aren’t i? i’m.the.worst.


plus, little things like this exist in the world, so it can’t be so bad. it just can’t. and i find that on days like today, sometimes all you need to do is go back to the things you know. the things you know you can do. the basics. like poaching an egg. and making some fresh, delicious toast that can soothe your soul.

i recently had a friend ask me how to poach an egg – and i promised her i would do a step by step post on it. which i’m not doing here which isn’t helpful at all, but i will. stay tuned.


i am kind of obsessed with these little toasts. as fresh market season is winding down, i find myself strolling through the tents a little slower on saturdays, lingering over vegetables i haven’t brought home to my kitchen. so the other weekend, i plucked up some tomatoes and some farm fresh eggs and hurried home.

i’m not going to offend you with some detailed recipe on how to make avocado/breakfast toasts. but i will recommend going with arugula. it has this peppery flavor that i adore. you’ll just love it.

now go make yourself something comforting. you’re doing fine, better than fine. you’re doing great.


Breakfast Toast
  • Avocado
  • Arugula
  • Tomatoes
  • Poached Egg
  • Optional – pine nuts, pesto, pretty much anything
  1. i believe in you



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