Sassy Eats Does a Bridal Shower

the celebrations have begun.


this summer (let’s be honest – like most mid and late 20s somethings summers) is all about the weddings. well, and now we’re starting on the babes – which is a whole new bundle of fun.

one of the weddings i have this summer is for my best friend kelby – i’ve talked about her a few times, like here, and in this one, and again. she’s pretty spectacular. and you know – when you’ve been best friends with someone for most of your life and have gone through the whole journey to find love with them – the crying on the bathroom floor, and anger at the exes, the hookups and breakups, navigating out of the friendzone – when you’ve spent hours recapping first dates and scrutinizing second date outfits – well, when those people who live deep inside your heart find their happily ever after – you want to be right there next to them, celebrating.


and for those of us who are taking the long way around to marriage, celebrating these weddings gives us the opportunity to learn from the ones who go before us. i’ve learned from a lot of people – a lottttt of people (there was some construction on my road to marriage, and then i took the wrong turn on a detour and now i think i’m just parked on the side of the road with a flat tire).

i’ve been to a whole lotta showers. bridal, baby, lingerie, honeymoon, gender reveal, couples – you name it, i’ve showered in it. so when kelby got engaged i knew two things to be true – 1) my mom was for sure going to want to throw a shower 2) it was going to be pretty awesome.

DSC_4760 i plan events for a living and my mom is a natural planner/decorator/martha stewart so i thought i’d show you what we did. It was a nautical theme – as you can see – specifically, “last sail before the veil” because we wanted it to feel bridal and girly too.

we got most everything from marshalls and craft stores. the banners are from etsy.


and my mom, being the genius she is, found an art teacher to draw the chalkboards – it’s the personal little touches that always seem to bring everything together, and i hope – make the bridal feel extra special.


we (i) decided that all the food needed to be made from scratch, because i’m insane. i started rethinking the plan when i was chopping my 14th bell pepper, but at that point it was too late to turn back. and secretly, i live for the days when all i have to do that day is cook.

we decided to do salads, the shower was at 11:30. the bride eats pretty healthy and this way, most everything could be made in advance and didn’t need to be served warm. we did a chicken salad (half on croissants), fruit salad, pasta salad and a green salad with a champagne vinaigrette.

DSC_4764 DSC_4768 DSC_4769

so a family friend to bake these AMAZING lemon cupcakes.

DSC_4758 DSC_4757

we made custom tags for cupcakes and napkins to celebrate the occasion.

DSC_4761 this was a pretty big shower – we had close to 40 people, and while games can be fun for some, we decided to forego the games and instead did a message in a bottle. we asked everyone to write a piece of advice or date night idea for the groom and bride. we tied them with a ribbon and placed in the bottle so they could open it after their honeymoon.


we also went ahead and had guests address her thank you notes.

DSC_4732 we incorporated a lot of tulle to contrast the thick rope which helped thread the nautical and bridal themes throughout the shower.

DSC_4736 DSC_4755 last but not least, we made custom tags and tied them around a bottle of bubbles so the celebration could continue past the shower.




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