Bunny Butt Cupcakes

The faces seemed too difficult, so bunnies got butts.

Or well, technically tails.

Basically, bunnies got back.


How is it already easter? I swear it was just March 1st. And this is the time of year that usually drags on, especially as Chicago has a historically slow uptick on the whole spring thing and summer still feels just out of reach. But not this year, this year has flown by – for better and worse I think. Suffice it to say that I’ve been pre-occupied the last couple of weeks which if why I haven’t been blogging.

But if there is one recipe that could spur me back into action – it’s these bunny butt cupcakes. These are far too cute to not perk up my ears and get me back to this place.


They are also totally not my idea. I am just not that good. I am Baker created these little masterpieces and I simply tweaked them a bit. my favorite thing about every holiday is that it means I get to be with family – and that I get to bake with my favorite three year old. My niece has taken to the baking quite well – in fact it’s quite amazing how much she’s picked up. I think my coolness actually lies solely in the fact that I bake a dessert with her every single time I come home. She basically uses me for my baking skills – and I love it. It’s our little thing we do together.

She sits up at the counter and I let her pour things in and stir. She knows she gets to crack the eggs when she turns five (the countdown is on). And then we wait patiently with the oven light on as our work of art is baked. I usually try to make her a little side dessert of some kind – something that she can decorate  – which really involves her pouring an entire bottle of sprinkles on top. You can never have too many sprinkles.


I’ll be home for a  combined birthday/easter celebration. My niece insists we bake a birthday cake – but I don’t care for cake (I know, the horror) so I always go for an ice cream cake. However, I won’t disappoint this little girl so I have decided we’ll make an easter cake that will hopefully appease her. The other problem is that she thinks the cake should be my favorite color. Which ensued an entire conversation during which I had to explain why pink isn’t my favorite color – in her mind, how could someone not like pink? So she discovered that my favorite color is gray (I know, it doesn’t even really count as a color) so now this cake has to be gray. Stay tuned.

Back to the butts. These are time-consuming, I’ll admit. They’re a little laborious but I had the best time making them. Once you get the first couple done they get easier – keep going! If nothing else, get a cute three year old as your assistant and you’ll be having so much fun that you won’t even mind when the bunny feet turn out to be different sizes. You can use either non-pareils or shredded coconut as the tails.

 Recipe is here.




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