peanut butter brownie nests with cadbury eggs

comcast watchathon week might as well have been crack cocaine. i’m now addicted even more shows.

the newsroom – makes my journalism student heart flutter. the good wife? just badass. plus, you get to see mr. big again, how i’ve missed him so.

anyway, i’m obsessed with those two shows. please tell me what other amazing shows i’m missing so i can officially make the that slope in the couch my permanent home.


it’s sunday and to me sundays are for cooking and trashy lifetime movies. the last couple of weeks, i’ve had a few recipe fails. a zucchini bread that was meh. this sandwich that tasted like nirvana but the photos looked like a seven year old took them with a disposable camera.

IMG_4515 but today – today i have nailed it. i’m obsessed with the things that i’ve made. there’s one still in the slow cooker, and we know that’s been a bit of a rocky relationship. we’re still getting to know each other. plus, i made up the recipe in about 2 minutes. ok, that’s a lie. i didn’t even make it up, i just started grabbing things like when i was little and going from there. i’ll report back.

but overall, loving everything. i’ll be posting the recipes this week – but i’m telling you, one involves bacon – get excited.


anywho. i have this thing where i like to make one themed dish per holiday. like the snackadium for super bowl or reindeer and santa clauses for christmas. i think my family just humors me and gives me “that’s SO cute” and “it’s delicious!” but they also once told me these cookies i made were awesome instead of what they really tasted like, which was dry, sugary, gritty clay. they tasted like arse. so their credibility is questionable.

so as promised, more spring easter things.

you guys. do not hate on this non-recipe recipe. let’s think about next sunday. if you’re entertaining – you have booze (can’t WAIT for that recipe) to serve, two to three apps, some sort of potatoes, a couple vegetables and rolls. plus, duh a ham. so give yourself a break with dessert.


these are easy, cute and hello? they have cadbury eggs in them. guarantee you that everyone will be oohing and aahing while you’re snickering because you totally cheated but you look like a genius. really, you should be thanking me.

so you’re welcome.

sidenote – you could make these from scratch, if you’re an overachiever like that. also, the peanut butter is necessary because there are few things my sister loves more than the combination of peanut butter and chocolate.

also. i know this post just wont end. some people like to pour the batter into the pan and then top the mix with “dollops” of peanut butter. some even microwave the peanut butter so it’s soft and can “swirl”. but i dont like the PB to be that concentrated – i want hints of it in every bite. but to each their own, i suppose.

also also, i use ” ” when i’m judging and disapproving.

ok go!

cadbury egg brownie nests
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 24
  • box of brownie mix and the ingredients it entails
  • 3/4 cup peanut butter (do 1/3 if you want it a bit more subtle)\
  • mini/reglar muffin pan (recommended) or brownie pan
  1. make brownies as instructed on box
  2. add peanut butter
  3. stir hard.
  4. pour into normal size or mini muffin pan.
  5. for mini/regular muffin pan – you chose the easy way –
  6. bake for about 20 minutes for mini muffin pan and 27 for normal size
  7. if using a mini muffin pan:
  8. remove and add cadbury eggs
  9. if used brownie pan:
  10. Bake as instructed
  11. you chose the hard way
  12. as soon as they’re done and cooled slightly, cut into squares as normally would do.
  13. then roll into balls and press slight slope in the middle so they look like nests. make sure they’re really cool, i’ve burnt my fingers a bit. then form. ya gotta get dirty with this way.
  14. top with cadbury eggs



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