Funfetti Cake Batter Pancakes


is it weird that i’m still avoiding a birthday that happened weeks ago? so typically i write a letter to myself about the previous year. i know it’s a little weird but i think it’s cool to look back and remember what the year gave you. the good, the bad, the people,  the ugly, the…

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Jalapeno Deviled Eggs with Smoked Paprika


riddle me this one. it’s midtwenties in Chicago this morning, yet allergies are up my nose, out my eyes and making me feel like I’m flying over the cuckoos nest. touché, pollen. the upside is i’m more than #blessed by my coworkers 13 times a day when i sneeze. i was away on business the…

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Gift Guide: For Her


Gift Guide: For Her (and for me)! Here’s everything I’m dreaming about this holiday season. Zara Checked Blanket Scarf – $29.90 these are the sole reason I still live in chicago. i am not exaggerating (i mean, have i ever?) – these are my lifeline during the winters here. also, expert tip – when the…

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it’s like the middle child of meals. i would know, being a middle child. christmas and thanksgiving get all the glory. thanksgiving is totally the oldest child. she’s all pushy and bossy and she demands a plan and makes an entrance. christmas, well that’s the baby of the family. it goes on and on, with…

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