Bacon Brussels Sprouts with Cranberries


i just realized that every single one of my dishes for christmas eve has one common ingredient. booze. problem? or solution? i think so too. including this one. you’re welcome. i realize there are 6 enormous photographs in this post but i’m so obsessed with how gorgeous these brussel sprouts are. if i were making…

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Rosette Apple Pie


santa claus is coming tooooooo townnnn. i’m like the female version of clark griswold. there is something about the holidays. yes, i love them. it feels like life fills up my glass with champagne that bubbles right over. like there’s a little extra warmth in everyone i meet. strangers are kinder. there’s a little more hope….

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skinny seven layer dip


you made your bed, and now you have to lie in it. such an irritating saying. like, thank you aristotle. it’s almost as bad as “everything happens for a reason.” well yes, but it might be for a really stupid reason. so i’m doing that now. and lying in it feels like the morning after…

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4th of july things.


guys. It feels like christmas morning. tonight, i’ll be heading up to my version of disney world – the lake. the 4th is a big deal in my life. it seems to become an even bigger deal every year as my friends and i have busier schedules, less vacation time, more weddings, more obligations. but…

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