wine talk: a note on why i’ve been away


hi guys. I’ve been sitting here, trying to figure out what to say. I’ve been away for the last couple of months, I know. My heart just hasn’t been here – it hasn’t been in a place where I feel like I’ve been a good enough me, the best me. The sassy me that started this little place….

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the best kind of lost


I’ve been thinking a little bit about being stuck. About feeling like you’re in a canyon and you can’t find the way out you so desperately seek. How you convince yourself that if you stay the course, if you walk this tightrope, you’ll be just fine. You’ll come out fine. How you’ll be safe if…

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A keep going letter


i want to write  a love letter to the world. i want to stitch up the aches, the pains that people are suffering. i want to steal the hate from people’s souls and infuse them with acceptance, with compassion. sometimes when i’m having a bad day, i make myself turn on the news. i watch…

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a letter to my niece – year two.


(read letter one here) hi lil. i know, this is reallyyyyyy late. beyond fashionably late. but you’ll find out eventually, so you might as well find out now: i’m horrible with birthdays. i don’t know, they’re forced. they’ve also felt so obligatory. so silo-ed. i’m more of a, let me send you flowers for no…

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On dads…


i remember a couple of years ago when i was thinking about moving. i had lived in my sandbox of a studio for two and a half years, and i thought it was time for a change. something new. exciting. i felt like i should get a new place and i should make a move,…

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A letter to my niece…


lily girl – you are one year old today. and what a year it’s been, girlfriend. so i obviously have a cute outfit to give you as a present but as the little sister of your mom – your crazy aunt – and the one who sometimes learned lessons the hard way, i thought i’d…

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