Roasted Butternut Squash Orzo with Toasted Pine Nuts


i am about to embarrass myself < —– a total first. i’m not even fashionably late to this game, i’m a hop, skip and a however-far-away-donald-trump-should-stay-from-the-oval-office (and i’m a republican saying that < – – ) from being relevant right now. although, i will say – relevancy is a little overrated. as i’ve shown in…

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Greek Orzo Salad


it’s a pasta salad kind of day, or-zo i think so. i love it when you can squeeze in a good pun. i mentally fist pump myself every time it happens. it’s a pasta salad kind of week. it’s the 4th of july (and you know how much i just dread this week. every year….

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