Shrimp Boil


shrimp. boil. i sometimes day dream entertaining as norman rockwell photos. you know the thanksgiving one? how everyone looks like jolly joe and the hostess is placing the turkey so elegantly in the middle of the table? that’s how i picture meals all the time. but then the reality is that placing the turkey in…

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Rosemary Pork Chops


let’s just say, i know a lot about pork. more than the average person, i would say. if ever i was a contestant on jeopardy, i would a. want xanax (the pressureeee alex, the stress) and b. hope for an entire category on pork. if ever you’re on who wants to be a millionaire (do…

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Bacon Brussels Sprouts with Cranberries


i just realized that every single one of my dishes for christmas eve has one common ingredient. booze. problem? or solution? i think so too. including this one. you’re welcome. i realize there are 6 enormous photographs in this post but i’m so obsessed with how gorgeous these brussel sprouts are. if i were making…

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