sassy eats does a bridal shower

photo 4

it’s springtime and let’s just call truth time. it’s all about the weddings. [insert always a bridesmaid, never a bride joke] (heart-shaped blueberry muffins) and it’s not about that one saturday in june at the four seasons. it’s about the engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, second bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, reception, post-wedding brunch. you…

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27 things i’ve learned in 25 years & some of my sassy eats favorites


some of my favorite things from sassy eats q1. and 27 things i’ve learned from my first quarter century here. post-quarterlife crisis. because 25 wasn’t enough and i hate odd numbers. also, these are just things i’ve learned. not necessarily good at doing them.  1. RSVP to events. as soon as you know if you…

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berry spinach salad (with poppyseed chicken)


slow walkers. people that press a button that’s already lit in the elevator – NOT GOING TO GET US THERE ANY FASTER BUDDY. even numbers (i’ll even change the volume/temperature so it’s an odd one). elbows. when people take up the ENTIRE escalator (the brits know how this works). people that don’t know the difference…

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lighter chicken cobb salad


this.has.been.the.longest.week.ever. my eyes are burning. i’m drained, i’m tired, the polar vortex is still rearing it’s ugly head. you know those weeks where the days just bleed together? if someone asked me what i did on tuesday – just blank stare. is it because we’ve reached that time of year where spring really does feel…

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