oven-roasted rosemary red potatoes


i’m going to start this post out by saying, it’s going to be less than thrilling. i’m experiencing a bout of writer’s block.  i woke up reallyyyy early this morning to run. i know, who does that if they’re not being forced/chased/a bottle of sauvignon blanc isn’t just beyond their reach? so let’s talk about…

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bacon wrapped green bean bundles (with brandy and brown sugar)


i am SO happy it’s the 15th (almost as happy as i was when i created these little bundles of joy. yes, i’m referring to the bacon green bean bundles as my bundles of joy.) yea yea – it’s tax day and all that jazz (what’s the government going to take from me – my…

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lighter chicken cobb salad


this.has.been.the.longest.week.ever. my eyes are burning. i’m drained, i’m tired, the polar vortex is still rearing it’s ugly head. you know those weeks where the days just bleed together? if someone asked me what i did on tuesday – just blank stare. is it because we’ve reached that time of year where spring really does feel…

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grateful notes & toasty buns

photo 1 (3)

the blues. eeyore days. audrey calls them the mean reds  (breakfast at tiffany’s? oh come on folkssss, work with me here) there’s a cure for them. my friend and i created it and i swear it works. have i steered you wrong yet? don’t answer that. well whenever these days strike us for whatever reasons…

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