Golden Gate City: Wine Country


there are few things that go better together than wine country and me. mostly because there are few things i love more than wine and being outside. i always imagined what it would be like – rolling hills with rows and rows of grapes. beautiful old vineyards with cobblestone buildings and welcoming porches. wine country…

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The Golden Gate City: San Francisco Eats


francisco. fran-cis-co.   buddy the elf? anyone? too soon? you don’t already have your tree up? a few weeks ago, i headed to “full house” city/wine country (the important things) for a bachelorette party. we ate, we drank, we spent some time in a prison. san fran is amazing. it’s a gorgeous city – it’s…

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Nashville Eats

IMG_2498 (1)

nashvilllleeeee. what a place. for more than music. oh the food. i went with a fellow foodie (i’m actually underselling her majorly as she’s a certified chef) who had been to nashville recently and made all these resos for us. score. nashville was lovely, it was like one of those first dates where you’re like…

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That wanderlust ache


the wanderlust hurts. it’s an ache that won’t go away. i sat at my desk this morning dreaming of being anywhere but where i was. somewhere outside. somewhere brand new. somewhere where everything was unknown. somewhere where everyone around me is a familiar stranger that with a thread of undiscovered similarities could transform into a…

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Adventures in Big Sky


i am covered in bruises. my friend goes, “what happened to you?” the simple answer is: i went on vacation. so i guess it’s not normal that people come back a little exhausted, and a little beat up from vacation rather than sun kissed and downward dog like. but i’m also reinvigorated. i was in…

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Girls Trip to Florida


four days ago, i was on a beach. mind boggled. but it’s true. see. it’s irrefutable. i’ve told you how this story began. for christmas, my sister had the idea to surprise my grandma with a trip to florida. my grandma (bonnie) was as shocked as she was apprehensive, she could count the number of…

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