cheersing to…


  1. i take scrambled eggs very seriously. here’s how some of your favorite chefs make them.
  1. this kroger grocery store in georgia just shut down haters.
  1. the trib’s line-up of chicago dining awards (pizza, burger, etc). agree?
  1. because apparently i obsess over the chicago food scene, here are places worth splurging on. start saving those pennies boys and girls.
  1. a father’s advice to his son, you’re gonna cry. i’m sorry but it’s worth it.
  1. the wanderlust ache is striking a nerve. i want to go everywhere. right now. why haven’t i gone to the maldives yet? and that elephant reserve that’s on my bucket list? it’s a must. and the 25 most beautiful beaches in the world? sign me up. see you in a year, america – have fun with trump.

at least i’m going on a

  1. vacation. i’m heading to mexico in a few weeks and am looking for activities! any awesome things you’ve done there? comment here and tell me. please. i can’t sit still for a whole week.


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