cheersing to…


1. do meal delivery kits count as cooking? do they?? i honestly have never done one before but from what i’ve heard it’s pretty much all done/set for you so it’s pretty tough to screw up. which a) where’s the fun in that? b) does it count then? totally proud of people for trying and they’re definitely a great way to learn. i don’t know though. thoughts?!

2. an open letter to the woman my boyfriend slept with before meeting me.

you read that right the first time.

3. dishes chefs wish other chefs would stop putting on menus. like sh*t on toast (<— plagiarized chrissy teigen, it’s cool because we’re bffs). definitely agree on the beef burger front – there are so many amazing burgers to be had. honestly, once you have some of the veggie ones – it changes everything.

also, never been a fan of truffle oil. while i’m at it – what’s up with the tater tot revival napoleon dynamite?

salmon burger.

avocado chicken burger.

4. 9 chicago chefs with foodgasm instagrams. no surprises here.

5. i’ve been getting into baths. i know, it’s weird and way too much information. but i’m telling you – go soak for 15 minutes and tell me that your whole body didn’t melt from uptight stress to googly calm.

GO. and get some bubbles. in the bath and to sip.

6. then i want you to go get yourself some flowers. it’s okay, you deserve them. walk into the flower shop and whichever kind first catches your eye and makes you smile – those are the ones.

it’s $10. you’re worth a billion dollars, buy them. they will make you smile every time you walk into the room this week.

7. grab a second bunch. and give them to someone. anyone. the barista who you’ve gotten to know over the years, the coworker who has been tackling an overly full plate without complaint, anyone.

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