Cheersing to –


1. an assault victim’s statement to her attacker. this will probably be the most powerful thing you’ve read all day. it’ll stick with you.

2. one woman’s argument that she should have a maternity leave, even if she doesn’t have kids. i think it’s an interesting article – it certainly makes several valid points.

3. this video shows people’s true colors.

4. hills. whether you will vote for her or not, it’s way past time we had a woman in this position. it’s in fact mind boggling to me that it hasn’t happened. it’s about damn time america.

5. girls protecting girls. (apparently i’m feeling very girl power today, and i like it).

6. one man’s grateful prayer to all the women in america who do barre.

7. A SAMOA INSPIRED BUNDT CAKE. YES, like the girl scout cookie. (and you’re welcome for the first non-feminist link in this entire post. i’m sorry i’m not sorry even a little bit). comment if i should make this and if you wanna come over when i do.

8. i’m heading to florida soon so i went back and read this post about one of the last times i traveled there.

9. i’m going to celebrate my best friend’s bachelorette. she’s pretty awesome. see? i told you.



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