Cheersing to..


1. 15 things i would tell my 25 year old self. noted. #3 i’m going to do as much of as possible. #4 is a challenge i face. #7, need to do more of. #11, we must.

2. this “reasons I’m single” article.

3. Trying to plan my next trip, and want to take every single one of these trips.

4. This woman playing the only version of pokemon go I would ever participate in. I finally came across people finding a pokemon, it was quite a sight.

5. These beautiful notes between natalie portman and jonathan safran. Anyone want to be my pen pal?

6. This letter by Jennifer aniston. In case you live under a rock and haven’t read it yet – just YES.

7. This keep going letter. It’s way out of voice for this place but do you want to see more posts like this? Or should I stay in my own lane?

8. these blooper photos taken by Obama’s photographer that humanize him. Not that he’s not a human but…you know what I mean.

9. Katy perry’s newest single – will be on my running playlist immediately.


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