cheersing to…

DSC_2991-2 1. This bride who isn’t able to have her dad walk her down the aisle, but his heart is with her in more ways than one.

2. The wanderlust ache is at an all-time high. I find myself daydreaming about being “anywhere but here” constantly recently. I dream of the white houses built into the Santorini cliffs. The overgrown trees in Thailand. The majestic lake louise. Dogsledding in Sweden. The northern lights cascading over finland. I dream of quitting my job, packing my bag and just going. It’s borderline painful.  What’s your most favorite place in the world?

3. This couple who live on their own island that they built by hand, totally independently.

4. The instagrammers guide to the second city, my first city.

5. This NYT article, Amy Schumer: by the book. Because I’m a nerd.

6. Ryan lochte created a new freestyle technique. “The Lochte.” B-t-dubs, I want something named after me.

7. Super powerful under armour ad with phelps. It is what you do in the dark.

8. This couple who cried because of all the tragedies going on in the world, and the Italian police officers who made them pasta.

9. This Chinese swimmer who didn’t realize how fast she had swam. And used her “mystic energy.” And had no other expectations, she was already so proud of herself. (that’ll be the last swimming link, probably…)

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