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1. I can’t believe kids are going back to schools. I know many of you are probably relieved, but I’m always jealous. I loved the anticipation of a new school year. The clean slate. I’m such a nerd. This is my very favorite poem about the first day of school – I can’t read it without tearing up – I thought it might resonate with some of you.

2. Speaking of school, I’m REALLY jealous of those heading to college. In this article, a dad gives advice to those college freshmen that are cautiously unpacking their things in a box of a dorm room next to a complete stranger they’re now living with.

My piece of advice? Find your peace place. With roommates and constant parties and no real schedule to follow, I was lucky enough to find a retreat. It was the art and architecture library, not super jazzy. But it was small and quiet, had tall ceilings and floor to ceiling windows. Most students went to the main library, but this was my little haven. They had big tables and softly played classical music. It was the perfect place for a journalism and political science major who’s live revolved around papers. It was a little community, where the regulars knew each other and trusted one another to watch their stuff if they stepped out. Find something like that.

3. This dad that makes his kids sign a contract before they get a dog. Genius.

4. This letter from writer Charles Bukowski, who’s writing publisher John Martin in which he expresses his gratitude to the publisher for giving him a chance, because “To not to have entirely wasted one’s life seems to be a worthy accomplishment, if only for myself.” Amen.

5. Full moons and setting intentions. It’s worth a shot – I always have insomnia during full moons anyway so I might as well be productive.

6. Healthy hacks for your favorite snacks, because it’s weird if we don’t talk about food.

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