Cheersing to…

1. this mother and daughter conversation had me in stitches. and rang oh so true.

2. ellen coming back on television. and taking the first lady to cvs because soon she’s going to have to re-enter civilian life. weird to think she hasn’t had to grocery shop in 8 years.

3. people who know me well, know my egg obsession runs deep and true. i don’t even know why i bother looking at a brunch menu, when i know i’ll end up with two eggs over easy on my plate. i know it’s boring, but you can’t mess with this delectable classic. this video for the perfect scrambled eggs – well, i’ll just have to get it a whirl this weekend.

4. netflix and chill, you’re welcome. (watch bates hotel now).

5. never ever do this. i don’t care if it worked out for this one person you know. you are the rule, not the exception. that’s all.

6. you guys. (sidenote: have you noticed how everyone says “you guys” when they talk in their snapchats. look for it. it’ll bug you. at least i’m not alone in it now.) this is the most expensive house in the world. and it reminds me of a movie, i can’t figure out which.

7. you know what they say about those unanswered prayers – sometimes they’re just answered in unexpected ways.

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