cheersing to…

fullsizerender (gets up on soapbox)

  1. watch this. and if you’re not moved to tears for this brave, strong little girl who sees everything that’s wrong with the world, and if your heart doesn’t shatter and if any hate you have left inside of you that’s reached well past its expiration date, you’re lost. and you’re the problem.
  1. i grew up in ballet. i don’t remember a time in my life when i wasn’t obsessed with my weight. it’s been a reality of mine since i was in the 2nd we have to stop telling our daughters and sisters they’re pretty. we need to start telling them they’re pretty kind, pretty smart, pretty strong. pretty important.
  1. manterrupting. it’s a real issue. and if you watched the debate (and if you didn’t, i can’t even) then you saw it. and it’s one more reason in a laundry list of many that #imwithher.

(steps down from soapbox)

  1. in lighter news, here’s hillary clinton getting interviewed by zach galifinakis. and if those things didn’t convince you, this has to – because who can say no to a nude mark ruffalo?
  1. when i was little, i loved beauty and the beast. i loved that belle was smart and loved to read and dance. i loved that she saw past the beast’s rough exterior. and if ever i have a home one day – i want a library full of bookshelves with so many books that you need one of those ladders.
  1. boozy cider slushie. because i’m not giving into the polar vortex that’s barreling towards me without a solid buzz.
  1. everything you never knew you needed to know about dunkin donuts.
  1. have you guys seen the trailers for girl on the train? i’ve been trying not to watch them so i go into the movie in full suspense mode. i might have to re-read the book again (letting my geek flag fly) before i see it in theaters. if you aren’t a total nerd who re-reads books, here are a few other thrillers to check out.
  1. kitchen tricks that will save your life. especially the one about chilling wine in 7 minutes. because, see #3


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