Cheersing to..

This whole post goes to the Obamas and Bidens. Politics aside, they ran the White House (in my opinion) with integrity, grace and class. 15123134_10103360634712968_5872468410742776785_o

1. Ellen says thank you.

2. This one gave me all the feels. It was awesome to see a president and VP have such a strong bond – it can only behoove the country when that happens. I’m really going to miss all the memes too.

3. A letter to the first lady. 

4. I might miss Joe most of all.

5. The letter from the former white house daughters to the soon to be former white house daughters.

6. To the people in the last 8 years that were finally treated equally, that can now be married.

7. To learning to live with this one. 


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