Cheersing to…


1. international women’s day. to all you strong, fierce, warriors.

2. to the women who are brave and sharing their stories about things like this one about postpartum depression.

3. this dog. he brings a whole new meaning to how far people will go for love, for a home.

4. badass female chefs who prevail in a male-dominated industry. who know that being in the kitchen isn’t anti-feminist. in fact, it’s the very opposite.

5. this commercial gives me all the feels. i looked around the bus today and everyone was on their phone and suddenly, i missed the days where strangers talked to me. made eye contact. that connection.

6. this giving tree, shown in this photo here.

7. to exploring new places, on your own – which is how i found this giving tree. to writing kind messages to strangers. to wishing love and happiness to strangers – their race, size, color, religion, education level, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation being irrelevant. that is my wish this week. and all the weeks to come.

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