cheersing to..


  1. A little girl explaining what she doesn’t understand about Easter.
  1. The beautiful moment a grandpa sees color for the first time.
  1. These reunions always gut me but I’ve always thought that one of the most beautiful things you can witness, that you can experience, is the end of missing someone.
  1. I only hope that if I have children, they’re born with a little sass (is it genetic?).
  1. I don’t mean to sound a hundred years old, but I think I finally get it. this is what it’s all about.
  1. Oh rainy days. They’re the most comforting of days I think – like the worn out spot on the couch. I love the smell of them and the sounds of them. I love that everything seems a little quieter. You can put on your Eeyore mask and be a little morose. You can stay inside with a cup of tea and read a book and then draw a hot bath and it’s all okay. Because it’s a rainy day.
  1. An algorithm for happiness. If this is your zero point, let it be your zero point. And have tomorrow be a little better.
  1. Signs. I am someone who believes in them showing up right when you need them. Maybe I watched serendipity one too many times (it is one of my favorites) but I think that when you need it most, you will find signs. And yes, I know you’re probably thinking you see what you want to see but I think that’s okay too. The point isn’t that it’s magical – the point is that it gives you peace and heals your heart in some way, maybe it even guides you. In the last couple of weeks I have been looking for signs. There have been moments when I needed them. I know that at times like the one I’m in right now, it’s important to keep my chin up but I keep finding these hearts as I’m looking down – I don’t know what they mean, but my heart is so grateful each time I come across another one.

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