Cheersing to…


it’s been a week, no? let’s find more good in it.

1. This video is the reason I brought this series back. I think we could all use a pep talk. I think, right now, especially right now, we should all ask ourselves, “how you living?”

2. Because I really miss #44

3. An American becoming a royal. And a strong, independent, divorced, bi-racial, outspoken, career-driven, philanthropist and activist American woman.

4. Jay-Z for stopping a concert to empower a 9 year old girl.

5. You all have probably seen this because it happened in August but I just saw it and it struck a chord with me. Pink’s message to her daughter is powerful.

6. This book. I had no idea this had happened in America in the 30’s. Children being taken from their parents and given as orphans (though they were not) to wealthy families. It’s worth the read

7. To end on a lighter note, it’s holiday movie season. This Love Actually drinking game is about to be my wild Friday night.

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