Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

the sass is back.


oh i’ve missed you. haven’t you missed me? especially when i refer to myself in the third person as “the sass?” i’m still single. still haven’t figured out why.

i have missed this place. i’m sorry i’ve been away. it wasn’t even intentional. life, just happened. it was like one of those little waves that is coming towards you and it grows and grows and before you know it, it’s swept you away from shore.

i won’t bore you with the minutia, suffice it to say – this will be my second free weekend in chicago since mid-april. it’s been mostly fun stuff so i’m not complaining but with so much happening something had to give, and unfortunately, this blog being my second job – meant it had to take a back burner spot for a little while and simmer on low.


it was also one of those times where i felt like i was really winning in some aspects of my life – being a great friend to some, banking new memories, checking off new experiences and then on the flipside – i’m being lousy at so many other things. we can’t do it all, but damn if we don’t try.

so here i am, groveling for you to give me the final rose like the latest bachelor castoff. i made you dessert, so you can’t really be mad at me.

now – baking at my lake is my favorite. my niece is a mini-me and sits on the counter with her own little bowl and stirs, which basically makes my heart burst. my brother and dad will eat just about anything. but my brother-in-law, he takes the cake (in more ways than one). when i tell him i’m baking, the kid lights up like a friggin christmas tree. poor guy, he married into a family that doesn’t really have a sweet tooth, so he’s lucky if he can find chips ahoy in the pantry.


i made this one when he was on a bike ride, and quickly photographed it because i knew it would  be gone when the guys got home. i was on the front porch when he politely asked if i had photographed it and if he was allowed to eat it. i told him he could eat it and then waited. and waited.

and then i got tired of waiting and went inside. he’s standing over the cookie like it’s the greatest thing he’s ever seen. mission accomplished.

recipe from sally’s baking addiction.

DSC_5076 DSC_5059 DSC_5081


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