deviled eggs

note, you can totally dye this for easter and you look like a genius. now back to regular scheduled programming.


you guys.  i am PUMPED.

it’s warm out. patio furniture is being used. things are colorful again. chicago literally feels like the movie pleasantville. we’ve been living in black and white and suddenly life is in color.

or it’s like the wizard of oz and i’m dorothy and i’ve finally found emerald city. or not really because then she just wants to go back to tornado kansas and we all know how i feel about tornadoes. yeah that doesn’t really apply here at all. so scratch that.

oh you know what i mean.


i love cooking in the spring.  i mean, we all know how much i love my chicken pot pie and mulled wine, but it’s so refreshing to have fish, and vegetables, and grill and FRUIT. (you know in “friends’ when ross is fine and he keeps using his really high voice. i was totally saying that like that. oh watch it and have a laugh.)

anywho. spring. which means easter is coming. which means i’ve been gorging on cadbury eggs and jelly beans. but since easter candy does not a (proper) meal make – i thought i’d have the next few posts be about dishes with easter entertaining potential.


and even if you don’t celebrate easter – these are still good springy, colorful, light recipes that hopefully you’ll enjoy. they’ll also be good for a bridal/baby shower. don’t worry – that post series will be coming soon because my whole spring/summer is just showers. other peoples showers, because yeah – still single here. thanks for the reminder.

you need eggs. duh, easter bunny? deviled eggs.

i know. i’m on an egg kick. i actually had two of these for dinner last night.


these are a serious matter in my life. i have had the honor of tasting the best deviled eggs in the world ever created. from the only and only, irreplacable grandma patsy.

i have to tell you about her. i feel bad for anyone who didn’t get to feel her love and see her strength and hear her say to you after you’ve done something stupid “oh dearie. well i still love ya meg.”

she was fiesty. she was classy. she was independent and firm in her beliefs. she loved her family. she loved God. she insisted on mowing her own lawn into her 80s and would awake at 5 am for her walks. she played flippy cup with us and loved her bud light.

she was a force. she is missed terribly.


her deviled eggs; they have to be what heaven would taste like. mostly, becuase i’m pretty sure grandma patsy was actually an angel sent here to trying to straighten out fools like me.

grandma patsy is technically kelby’s grandma but the entire lake crew’s “grandma” too. we also used to love her toast. she put tons of goodness on it. one morning, i asked her what made it so good. she laughed it said “it’s just made with a lot of love dearie, a lot of love.”

that’s how i try to cook everyday.

this isn’t actually her recipe. that’s something i think i’ll always keep sacred. plus, she didn’t really have a recipe anyway. she just tested until it was just right.


this is a combination – enough sugar to keep it sweet, but the relish my own mom loves.

couple deviled eggs tips:
– ice water (see recipe)

– use old eggs – they peel easier

make it. they’ll be a sliver of heaven at your easter celebration.

deviled eggs
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 12
  • 6 eggs
  • 2 tbl sugar
  • 1 tbl mustard
  • 2 tbl sweet relish
  • 2 tbl fat free mayo
  • paprika for topping
  1. boil water. add eggs.
  2. lower to a very low boil, so it barely bubbles.
  3. leave for bout 20 minutes.
  4. get a bowl of ice water.
  5. place eggs directly from water to ice water.
  6. let sit for a few minutes.
  7. then peel and halve.
  8. scoop out the yolks into bowl.
  9. add all ingredients above, mix.
  10. scoop back into egg halves.




  1.'Pam Brooks says

    Oh my gosh I miss Grandma Patsy so much. Thank you for writing about her and honoring her. She loved you so much and we all loved her. I love your blog. Looking forward to seeing you tonight. Love, Mom

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