it’s like the middle child of meals.


i would know, being a middle child.

christmas and thanksgiving get all the glory. thanksgiving is totally the oldest child. she’s all pushy and bossy and she demands a plan and makes an entrance. christmas, well that’s the baby of the family. it goes on and on, with it’s ribbon and bows and twinkling lights. it’s borderline annoying, if it wasn’t so darn adorable and festive.


easter is the middle child. it’s the one who sits back and goes with the flow. it can be brunch or dinner. it requires a basket, and an easter egg hunt. whether it’s a classic ham or baby back ribs thrown on the grill, it’s a celebration

i know. let the metaphor die megan, we get it.

i’m going to miss easter with my family this year. it’s the only holiday where i really get to dictate the menu. so here’s what i would make:

palomas for everyone. grapefruit and tequila. all good things, no in-betweens.


tie die deviled eggs. because, come on.

berry salad with poppyseed dressing. taste the rainbow.


watermelon and feta orzo salad. carbs.

bacon wrapped dates with goat cheese and walnuts. because, all the bacon.


green bean bundles with brandy and brown sugar. it’s a family holiday, booze is good. (these are one of my most favorite things eva eva)

rosemary red potatoes. no fuss. taste awesome. slam drunk. (i left the typo, it applies here too).


ham or ribs (recipe coming soon…)

peanut butter brownie nests with cadbury eggs. you know i had to, it’s festiveee.

parker rolls. carbs part 2.


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