Gift Guide: For Her

Gift Guide: For Her (and for me)! Here’s everything I’m dreaming about this holiday season.


Zara Checked Blanket Scarf – $29.90

these are the sole reason I still live in chicago. i am not exaggerating (i mean, have i ever?) – these are my lifeline during the winters here. also, expert tip – when the polar vortex hits, put one scarf on underneath and then layer this one on top and over your face. you’ll make it, it won’t feel like you will, but you will.


J. Crew Peyton Satchel– $238

i have been looking for a new bag for ages and found this little gem. perfect size, color, all seasons bag. Hint hint, wink wink.

jcrew bag

The Body Book – $16.87

i haven’t read this book yet, it’s on my list. i mean, just look at her body and you gotta know she’s onto something.


Swell Water Bottle – $40

the chicest water bottle. and your water (wine, coffee, whatevs) stays cold for a longggg time.


Mixtape Headphones – $160

so an old coworker received headphones like these (slightly less fancy) and when she left, she left them behind. my seat mate and i are obsessed – they’re so much better than those little earbuds. plus, hey hipster chic.


Collection Standing-Collar Leather Jacket– $495

i would sell my soul for this jacket. i was inconsolable on black friday when this was in my shopping cart and the promo didn’t apply. i think i’m going to sell blood or platelets or eggs or something so i can buy this.

leather jacket

Copper French Press – $50

i meannnn, everyone needs a copper french press. if for no other reason than when your mother in law comes over and gives that disapproving look at your decor and you can go “would you like some coffee? let me just grab my old french press.” redemption.

french press

Decorative Art – $20

because everyone needs something in their place that makes their heart melt.


Coffee Mugs – $23

little sass in the cup never hurt.


Birchbox – $10 per month or $110 a year

forget getting this for someone else, or if you do, get it for yourself too (they were ones for boys even). it’s literally a present to yourself every month – full of skincare, cosmetics, hair products – all these things in this cute little box. and i purposely don’t track when i’m going to get one so it’s a nice little surprise.


Weekender Bag – $298

you need to be wearing a fedora and all black as you strut down the airport terminal with this bag. swoon. i know this bag is a bigger version of the j crew bag above, but what can i say? i like what i like.


Faux Leather Leggings – $108

back that a** up.


BB Dakota Dusty Coat – $114

i live in BB all fall and winter long, they can do no wrong.


Hot Stuff Mug – $12.00

it’ll bring a smile to your face each morning. i just love mugs. remember when you were in lower school and you’d buy your parents those cheesy mugs and ties at the little holiday festival shop? this reminds me of that, but not.

coffee mug

Floral Dress – $178

because spring will come. eventually.


clare v clutch – $275

everyone needs animal print in their life. everyone.


what are your must-haves this holiday season?



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