Golden Gate City: Wine Country

there are few things that go better together than wine country and me.


mostly because there are few things i love more than wine and being outside. i always imagined what it would be like – rolling hills with rows and rows of grapes. beautiful old vineyards with cobblestone buildings and welcoming porches. wine country did not disappoint.

due to the limited time we had in san fran, we kept to sonoma and didn’t make it up to napa (shucks, looks like i’ll have to go backkk). it was a simple day trip.


a limo came to scoop us early on friday morning and away we went, bottles popped and florals on. we stopped and made a visit with the golden gate herself, as spectacular as you’ve envisioned.

then on we went to the first vineyard, jacuzzi. it was just stunning – the stone and the gorgeous garden area plopped right into the center of it all was just beautiful. off to the side was this room with a huge vaulted ceiling and crates of wine.


out back were the rows and rows of grapes. our sommelier/tour guide plucked a grape right off the vine, so i followed suit. it was sweet, too sweet – but knew it would make good wine.

our second vineyard b.r. cohn winery – it looked like a home you could live in and never leave. out back was this amazing patio – us girls chatted about life and love and they brought us wine after wine. we did an olive oil tasting too – which was delicious.



for the last vineyard, we let our driver choose where to take us to. he didn’t steer us wrong.
we pulled up to a palace – a chateau – of a winery, called Domaine Carneros. it was silly stunning, like the versailles of sonoma. it was set-up high, so you could really see sonoma for miles. we requested a table outside, and decided the trip that this fantastic of a day could only end with bubbles.




  1.'Marlene Sackett says

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures of the wine country of Northern California! I have not been there for a long time but would be happy to return. Glad you were able to go and that you had such a wonderful day! (You look beautiful, as always.)


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