Gift Guide: Hostess/Person Who Has Everything

Hostess/In-Laws/People who seemingly already have everything so you have no idea gift guide!!

Hostess Gift Guide Collage

you know this person – they’re impossible to buy for. maybe you don’t know them well, maybe you don’t even like them very much – but you can’t very well give them coal much as you might like to, so here are my go-tos:

Luxurious Throw – $99

these things are like clouds you want to live under.



2016 Planner – $34

i saw a quote recently that said “the only mail i get are wedding invitations and bills.” i’m pretty sure it was written about how 2016 is about to be for me, so this will be necessary.


Noble Vines Wine – $15

When in doubt, wine is always the answer. Even if you give it to someone and find out they don’t drink wine, they have it onhand when they have guests who do drink wine, aka 99% of their guests. This Noble Vines wine is fantastic, and reasonably priced. I also love that you can go onto their website and see what kind of vine the wine comes from, they use “clone” vines, which is just cool. The pinot noir even has “Christmas spices” tones like allspice, nutmeg and cloves.


Giving Key Necklace – $60

these necklaces are a symbol of so many things that are right in this world. you buy a key (all different designs) and select a word that means something to you. maybe it’s something you’re striving to be, maybe it’s part of your daily mantra. you embrace the word, and then one day, you pay it forward and give it to a person you feel needs it more than you.

it gives me chills just thinking about it. i have one now and i can’t wait to give it away.

oh, and they employ people that are transitioning out of homelessness.


Illume Gilded Amberleaf – $38

these candles are my favorite, and the amber leaf if perfection.


Gilded Monogram Glasses – $18

i’ve never understood the whole monogrammed thing. like why do my towels need to have my initials on them? is someone going to steal my towels?

these though, are a totally different story.


Crystal Venus Flytrap Necklace – $98

when all else fails, you can’t go wrong with statement jewelry. no sizing required.


Turberose Hand Lotion – $18.49

i always think nice hand lotion is a lovely gift for a coworker or teacher. plus, this packaging is gorg.


City Map glass – $12.50

I love the idea of giving these as a set. Give one for their hometown, one for a trip they went on, the current city they live in – they can tell a story.

city map glass

Fruit Infused Water Bottles – $20

a fun stocking stuffer.

water bottle

Jonathan Adler Tray – $128

you can never go wrong with jonathan adler. a fun statement piece for the person who has everything.


New York Times 36 Hours – $40

the gift for the person you don’t know very well, the gift for someone you want to impress.


that’s all she wrote, merry christmas! let me know your ideas/thoughts/feelings below!

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