Nutella Crunch Bars

let’s talk about the break-up.


i mean, we’ve all been there. and all but maybe one relationship will end with one. if you’re one of those lucky people who manage to grasp that brass ring. tough love, folks coming at you today from sassy eats.

but there’s a way to do it and a way not to do it.

do you remember when berger broke up with carrie on a post-it note? of course you do, everyone does. kim jong il knows that carrie’s heart was broken with “i can’t. i’m sorry.” and girls of the world rolled our eyes, shrugged our shoulders and sighed.

breaking up with someone via email is the 2015 version of that. it’s worse actually. because of the amount of premeditation that goes into an email versus a post-it note.


this happened to my friend a couple week ago. a 40-something year old man decided he would tell my friend he would no longer be in need of her company via gmail. on a monday morning.

which brings me to my next nag. unless someone is cheating, abusive or you’re a cheater – try to take into account the timing of when you break up with someone. no need to wait a week, but maybe wait 8 hours if she has an important presentation at work that afternoon. common decency people.


my friend looks at a me and tells me it’s over. but just by the way she cocks her head slightly to the right, it’s like she hasn’t digested it quite right.

“he wrote me an email,” she adds. and i suddenly had flashbacks of the aol “you’ve got mail” sound which inevitably brings me to meg ryan. because well, before there was carrie bradshaw there was meg ryan. she gets this.

i may have been more dumbfounded than she was. and let me also say that this says way more about him than it does her because here’s the thing – she’s a catch. she’s smart and beautiful and successful.

and of course, i needed to know more instantly. and this is the thing of the thing of the thing. the root of it all. the email. it wasn’t even long enough to have to use the scroll bar on your phone. pause for reaction. it wasn’t even as long as a shel silverstein poem, people.


so why not just send a text? does an email make it more sophisticated? ok, well let me know how you enjoy your boss firing your via microsoft lync. less personal perhaps? yeah, because you simply saying you’re not that into me via an email is like the build a bear version of a break-up.

and yes, men are on my nerves a little bit. because a few in my life – i’m not dating them – are just quandaries. one was simply disappointing recently and my whole heart sighed, the second unceremoniously exited my life and just this weekend decided to try to david blaine his way back in and the third, well the third just can’t seem to show up in the way i need him to. we can only lead a horse to water after all.

it’s a jungle out there. but we can’t very well be afraid of love, because it’s magic after all. and we all need to believe in magic a little more.

you know what else is magic? these little guys.


they are better than crack cocaine, i would imagine. they’re chocolate and crunchy and gooey. and simple. and i discovered hazelnut is the most underrated dessert ingredient when i went to italy and tried hazelnut gelatto for the first time and my whole world shifted.

i’m still learning about baking, it’s just simply something that isn’t in my dna. so this recipe brought to you by dinner, dishes and desserts: here 

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