Garden Fresh Bruschetta


let me give you a piece of advice with that whole ebola thing happening right now. do not watch contagion right now. like i did. or you’ll want to become bubble girl and go sit in a closet with a case of wine until this whole thing is blown over. and you’ll have visions of will…

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strawberry mint ricotta crostinis


look. i know. so what if it’s the end of summer and everyone is all “pulled pork. flannel. pumpkins pice lattes.” i just want to hoard summer. i want to pile it up in my sandbox of an apartment and never leave. yes, i’m watching hoarders. stop judging. it’s educational. and stuff. also i can’t…

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bacon wrapped dates with goat cheese and walnuts


you know those people who are just chill, and laid back and just cool? i am not that. i have a better chance of being oprah freaking winfrey than that. my friend helen is like that. and she’s moving away. which is weird, because i haven’t really processed it yet. you know when something sad…

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chicken salad bites


it’s here, it’s HERE! i am SO excited. no not cinco de mayo. or the return of 24. and no, definitely not the reemergence of miley cyrus. i nearly died (but for real) through two polar vortexes, survived Q1 at work, muddled through a non existent spring, and haven’t seen the sun since….i don’t even…

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deviled eggs


note, you can totally dye this for easter and you look like a genius. now back to regular scheduled programming. you guys.  i am PUMPED. it’s warm out. patio furniture is being used. things are colorful again. chicago literally feels like the movie pleasantville. we’ve been living in black and white and suddenly life is…

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pulled pork sliders


recently i went to a new hair stylist. breaking news, i know. this is hardworking journalism people. so me, being me, the incessant over-sharer – decided to tweet about it. i was actually surprised by the reactions i got. 1) because i thought 2.7 people actually followed me on twitter. as it turns out, 6…

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