Bacon Brussels Sprouts with Cranberries


i just realized that every single one of my dishes for christmas eve has one common ingredient. booze. problem? or solution? i think so too. including this one. you’re welcome. i realize there are 6 enormous photographs in this post but i’m so obsessed with how gorgeous these brussel sprouts are. if i were making…

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bacon wrapped dates with goat cheese and walnuts


you know those people who are just chill, and laid back and just cool? i am not that. i have a better chance of being oprah freaking winfrey than that. my friend helen is like that. and she’s moving away. which is weird, because i haven’t really processed it yet. you know when something sad…

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bacon wrapped green bean bundles (with brandy and brown sugar)


i am SO happy it’s the 15th (almost as happy as i was when i created these little bundles of joy. yes, i’m referring to the bacon green bean bundles as my bundles of joy.) yea yea – it’s tax day and all that jazz (what’s the government going to take from me – my…

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