Sheet Pan Maple Mustard Chicken with Squash and Brussels Sprouts


Confession time. I was ravenous as I pulled this dish out of the oven and immediately after taking these photos (which were taken in very poor lighting), like in the time it took bachelor nick to kiss a girl on national television in front of the 24 other girls he’s dating, I forked into it….

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Avocado Chicken Burgers


back to school, back to school….you know how it goes, adam sandler. can’t you just smell the fresh pencils and hear the velcro on the trapper keeper (<— 90s kid)? i love back to school season. i walk to work most days. people think i’m a little nuts – it’s about 2 miles away. but…

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Sweet and Spicy Chicken Thighs


so this one time, i tried to walk up an escalator. and my shoe bent the wrong way. and i hurt my foot. but i didn’t realize it so i kept walking. and there was blood everywhere. and i was just getting my spinach from the salad bar. and this all happened in a little…

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