Hot Chicken Salad


you know how tween girls go all haywire for justin beiber? you know how they get all sweaty, and want to scream, and fantasize about making sweet sweet things with him? i do that too. well, not with him. but with chefs. well and circa 1998, with n sync. i have a deep affection for…

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Lemon and Thyme Roasted Chicken Thighs with Brussels Sprouts


i just don’t wanna. that’s been the phrase looping around and around in my head like “it’s a small world after all” does. it’s doing it now, isn’t it? i’m sorrry. don’t dump me. please, you’re my favorite. i made you dinner. or lunch. or dunch. or linner. we recently had this conversation in a meeting,…

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crockpot chicken quinoa soup


i am just a bowl of fun today. about as much fun as a vacation to the dentist while you have bronchitis. which i did. yesterday. i know, (looking at all of you) i should have cancelled. but i already rescheduled once and i’m really big on dental hygiene. like you dont even wanna know….

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balsamic grilled chicken with strawberries


i finally found summer. i had that moment that encapsulates the essence of it. i was on the front of the boat, the sun warming my skin that was still wet from skiing. i swear i could hear strawberry wine playing in the background. i went all namaste in that moment and found some zen….

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