Zucchini Chocolate Chip Bread


do you ever eat something healthy because it allows you to eat something unhealthy? and you’re like, duh megan. like, i’ve been eating an apple every single day (just about)for the last few months. honeycrisp, preferred. but the real reason behind it isn’t to keep the doctor away. the reason is because it allows me…

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Homemade Granola


happy newww yearrr! i refuse to get into a discussion about resolutions. i’ll only say i believe in the easter bunny more than i believe in new year’s resolution. that’s all that i’ll say. not that i’m bitter about them. except when i can’t get a treadmill at the gym for the first two weeks…

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crockpot chicken quinoa soup


i am just a bowl of fun today. about as much fun as a vacation to the dentist while you have bronchitis. which i did. yesterday. i know, (looking at all of you) i should have cancelled. but i already rescheduled once and i’m really big on dental hygiene. like you dont even wanna know….

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