Dill Baked Salmon with Veggies in Parchment


you guys. i decided what to name my hypothetical cookbook. drumroll pleaseeeeeeee….. “recipes to cook when you don’t feel like cooking.” – amirightoramiright? would you read it? would you at least take it off the shelf? probably not because i’m the last person who actually goes to bookstores. but you know what i mean….peachesncream? essentially,…

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Baja Fish Tacos


baja. it’s taco tuesday. so baja! shouldn’t that be a thing? it’s just fun to say. bajaaaaa (don’t leave meeee). i’m sure there’s a really clever baja pun, but you know, you can’t get it all. do you ever obsess over something really small for no good reason? and you know it’s the most inane,…

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crispy baked tilapia with homemade tartar sauce


happy indian summer, yo. i don’t know who declares it’s indian summer or what it even needs to be to be indian summer, but i’m saying it’s so. because this healthy fried fish recipe is like indian summer’s long lost soulmate and you shouldn’t keep them apart a minute longer. also, have you seen the sex and the city…

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