Garden Fresh Bruschetta


let me give you a piece of advice with that whole ebola thing happening right now. do not watch contagion right now. like i did. or you’ll want to become bubble girl and go sit in a closet with a case of wine until this whole thing is blown over. and you’ll have visions of will…

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bacon wrapped dates with goat cheese and walnuts


you know those people who are just chill, and laid back and just cool? i am not that. i have a better chance of being oprah freaking winfrey than that. my friend helen is like that. and she’s moving away. which is weird, because i haven’t really processed it yet. you know when something sad…

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skinny seven layer dip


you made your bed, and now you have to lie in it. such an irritating saying. like, thank you aristotle. it’s almost as bad as “everything happens for a reason.” well yes, but it might be for a really stupid reason. so i’m doing that now. and lying in it feels like the morning after…

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