crispy baked tilapia with homemade tartar sauce


happy indian summer, yo. i don’t know who declares it’s indian summer or what it even needs to be to be indian summer, but i’m saying it’s so. because this healthy fried fish recipe is like indian summer’s long lost soulmate and you shouldn’t keep them apart a minute longer. also, have you seen the sex and the city…

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balsamic grilled chicken with strawberries


i finally found summer. i had that moment that encapsulates the essence of it. i was on the front of the boat, the sun warming my skin that was still wet from skiing. i swear i could hear strawberry wine playing in the background. i went all namaste in that moment and found some zen….

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amaretto fruit dip


guys. this amaretto fruit dip. it has booze in it. need i say more? if heaven was a food, it might be this. it’s like a cloud in your mouth. but boozy. i have so many feelings when i eat this fruit dip. and yes, serendipitously it’s great for memorial day! fancy that. i know…

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an american flag fruit salad


i need help. i can’t stop with the corny holiday themed things. but i mean, how adorable is this? and it’s the american flag. so you have to love it. it’s the land of the free after all. one of the very best weekends of the year is coming soon. memorial day. not only an…

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