Vegetable Soup


garbage soup. that was the name i gave the dish i made most often when i first moved to the city. i’m a real martha stewart if you haven’t figured it out by now. when i first came to chicago, i didn’t know anything. i had one friend who lived in the suburb. i didn’t…

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Garden Fresh Bruschetta


let me give you a piece of advice with that whole ebola thing happening right now. do not watch contagion right now. like i did. or you’ll want to become bubble girl and go sit in a closet with a case of wine until this whole thing is blown over. and you’ll have visions of will…

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black bean, corn & avocado salsa (/salad)


there are few things i love more than wandering an unknown city. by myself. i’m weird, we know. corny as it sounds – it’s one of the times i feel most alive. i feel the buzz of the city, and relish getting lost – not having a sure destination in mind, it’s freeing. being a…

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