reese peanut butter cup s’mores bars


i know what you’re thinking. you’ve seen something like these before. only they were prettier. and you’re right. which, i’m pretty sure people say about me so we’re kindred spirits. reese peanut butter cup s’mores bars. also. i wasn’t in my kitchen when i made these. and the lighting was all wrong. so stop judging…

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amaretto fruit dip


guys. this amaretto fruit dip. it has booze in it. need i say more? if heaven was a food, it might be this. it’s like a cloud in your mouth. but boozy. i have so many feelings when i eat this fruit dip. and yes, serendipitously it’s great for memorial day! fancy that. i know…

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lemon blueberry bars


i wish i was ballsier. i told my coworkers this and one took to calling me “ballsy brooks.” strangely (or not strangely) i kind of like it. it reminds me i need to have more gumption. plus, i’ve always feel slightly deprived because i never had a cool nickname. No one ever called me “ace”…

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peanut butter brownie nests with cadbury eggs


comcast watchathon week might as well have been crack cocaine. i’m now addicted even more shows. the newsroom – makes my journalism student heart flutter. the good wife? just badass. plus, you get to see mr. big again, how i’ve missed him so. anyway, i’m obsessed with those two shows. please tell me what other…

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