Bacon Brussels Sprouts with Cranberries


i just realized that every single one of my dishes for christmas eve has one common ingredient. booze. problem? or solution? i think so too. including this one. you’re welcome. i realize there are 6 enormous photographs in this post but i’m so obsessed with how gorgeous these brussel sprouts are. if i were making…

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Lemon and Thyme Roasted Chicken Thighs with Brussels Sprouts


i just don’t wanna. that’s been the phrase looping around and around in my head like “it’s a small world after all” does. it’s doing it now, isn’t it? i’m sorrry. don’t dump me. please, you’re my favorite. i made you dinner. or lunch. or dunch. or linner. we recently had this conversation in a meeting,…

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oven roasted brussels sprouts


the gym. besides the airport it’s best place to people watch. so. dear man on the mat doing weird humping exercise movements, you’re doing things that just can’t be unseen. like the first time i met my friends boyfriend and he was wearing crocs and later that weekend she asked me what i thought about him…

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oven-roasted rosemary red potatoes


i’m going to start this post out by saying, it’s going to be less than thrilling. i’m experiencing a bout of writer’s block.  i woke up reallyyyy early this morning to run. i know, who does that if they’re not being forced/chased/a bottle of sauvignon blanc isn’t just beyond their reach? so let’s talk about…

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bacon wrapped green bean bundles (with brandy and brown sugar)


i am SO happy it’s the 15th (almost as happy as i was when i created these little bundles of joy. yes, i’m referring to the bacon green bean bundles as my bundles of joy.) yea yea – it’s tax day and all that jazz (what’s the government going to take from me – my…

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