the best kind of lost

img_5661 I’ve been thinking a little bit about being stuck.

About feeling like you’re in a canyon and you can’t find the way out you so desperately seek. How you convince yourself that if you stay the course, if you walk this tightrope, you’ll be just fine. You’ll come out fine. How you’ll be safe if you keep looking straight ahead, even when the blood flowing in your veins is screaming ‘jump.’

Because you’re doing just fine, babycakes. There is a victory in just showing up. in putting two feet on the ground and being present. In putting your head down and getting the job done. There is respect to be found in the hardworking jar, in the dirt under your nails, in the neck pain that comes from sitting at a desk for far too long – but that’s not what you’re meant for. don’t forget that you’re a superfox, that like that song “this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine” – you gotta shine. even on the darkest nights, dare to shine bright.

So find what it is that invigorates your soul, that makes your heart do a little jig and go do that. I think maybe that’s what the world needs now. and more love, always more sweet love.

i believe it’s important to believe you belong somewhere. to find pockets of the world that feel like home, like that worn out spot on the couch you keep falling back into. to have people that know your mood by the furrow of your brows, the sound of your sigh, the smile you’re trying to hide, because now’s not the time. except, maybe it’s the exact right time.

it’s equally important though, i hope and i fear, that sometimes you feel terribly lost. if only because you’ll find yourself again.

I’m going to make myself a promise, and I’ll make it to you too today.

it’s those moments when i’m in a foreign city with strangers surrounding me, that i feel most alive. it’s when i’m deep in the ocean not sure what will come swimming by me that causes my senses to vibrate. when i’m about to jump out of that helicopter 12,000 feet off the ground that my whole body awakens in ways that have been dormant for far too long.

i’m not implying that we all need to go running off cliffs but maybe dare yourself to do a little something. talk to him, ask her to coffee, finish the application, ask the question, broach the idea, call and tell them they matter to you.

so one way or another, let’s get a little lost.

and then so much more will be found.

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