The Golden Gate City: San Francisco Eats

francisco. fran-cis-co.



buddy the elf? anyone? too soon? you don’t already have your tree up? a few weeks ago, i headed to “full house” city/wine country (the important things) for a bachelorette party. we ate, we drank, we spent some time in a prison.

san fran is amazing. it’s a gorgeous city – it’s unique, it’s stunning. but i’ll tell you this, it’s hilly. like real hilly. i realize this is obvious but i dont think a midwestern girl understands it until you’re walking three blocks up. cars bottom out just driving downhill. i can’t fathom running there. just watching people do it i was exhausted, from my air conditioned cab. i would make it like 3 blocks and expect my rear to be toned and three inches higher. on second thought, running in sf doesn’t seem like such a bad idea….




moving along. should we talk about what we ate, drank or did first?

well, really – the only touristy things we did were alcatraz (hence the aforementioned prison stint) and fisherman’s wharf. i loved fisherman’s wharf – it made you feel like you were instantly in some northeastern seaside town. alcatraz – i mean, the history is super cool but at the end of the day it’s an empty prison. it’s just spooky. ok, it freaked me out a bit. so been there, done it. i’d rather be in wine country. moving along (again).

food. i was not in charge of making resos (i was in charge of getting food and booze for the house. which when you put me in charge and we’re on vacation so calories don’t count, it’s gardettos and wine. gardettos literally own my soul. i absolutely loved everywhere we went – so delish.



what we ate:

ichi sushi

i mean, sushi rocks my world. i would eat it every single day if i could. the people at my local place know me. it would be weird if i didn’t love it so much. i don’t have a whole lot to say about it honestly (for once) – it was super great sushi. the rose was on point. in full disclosure, i can’t actually remember what i ate (long day, late dinner, time change – –fine! and the rose) – except spicy tuna, because i always spicy roll it.


give me all the pizza. this place had a great vibe, solid service, cozy spot. oh and the meatballs. balls of meat. die.

rusty’s southern

rusty southerns


(photo courtesy of rusty’s)

give me an open kitchen in a restaurant and you’ll automatically get to second base. throw in fried chicken thighs, and we’re heading to vegas.

we went for brunch and the only reason it wasn’t complete love at first sight is because they don’t have bloody mary’s. which i feel like would’ve rounded out the whole southern vibe. which is just so bratty of me to even say because fried.chicken.thighs. and cornbread biscuits? i’d be a regular.



this place is the jam. i tried to move in but apparently that’s against code.

the brussels sprouts chips – hallelujahhhhhhhh. warm deviled eggs – holy smokes. i shared the steak and the burger and went to live in juicy meat heaven.

this one is a must-go-to right away, do not pass go, do not collect $200.


where we drank: part 2. stay tuned.

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