A keep going letter

i want to write  a love letter to the world. i want to stitch up the aches, the pains that people are suffering. i want to steal the hate from people’s souls and infuse them with acceptance, with compassion. sometimes when i’m having a bad day, i make myself turn on the news. i watch…

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Cheersing to –

1. an assault victim’s statement to her attacker. this will probably be the most powerful thing you’ve read all day. it’ll stick with you. 2. one woman’s argument that she should have a maternity leave, even if she doesn’t have kids. i think it’s an interesting article – it certainly makes several valid points. 3….

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Sassy Eats Does a Bridal Shower

the celebrations have begun. this summer (let’s be honest – like most mid and late 20s somethings summers) is all about the weddings. well, and now we’re starting on the babes – which is a whole new bundle of fun. one of the weddings i have this summer is for my best friend kelby –…

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Funfetti Cake Batter Pancakes

is it weird that i’m still avoiding a birthday that happened weeks ago? so typically i write a letter to myself about the previous year. i know it’s a little weird but i think it’s cool to look back and remember what the year gave you. the good, the bad, the people,  the ugly, the…

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The Ultimate BBLT

mercury is killing me. i just slipped on my badonkadonk in the bathroom, apparently the floor was slippery. i just sat there for a minute, and a girl walked out of the stall and looked at me like i had just told her donald trump might be our president. but it was just one of…

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cheersing to

1. my mom. i love you something fierce. 2. letter to the mommas from the joanna gaines. 3. jet blue showing the moms the love on this flight. 4. this guy’s experience taking his girlfriends workout classes. 5. currently following all of these chicago chefs on insta. you can’t follow me here, just sayin’. 6. everyone…

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Honey Dijon Almond Crusted Tilapia

hi. hey. yellow. how you been? whatcha been doing? i’m backkk. did you miss me? if you didn’t, just lie to my face and say you did and be jealous of my tan. i just got back from a weeklong vacation in mexico, and i’m still trying to ride that margarita infused wanderlust wave. though…

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