Toasted Pecan, Honey, Apple Crostinis


My sister has her Christmas tree up. I still have my bikinis and jean shorts on the ready. The last few months have been a whirlwind. This is the first weekend I’ve had in Chicago since mid-August. But it’s not that. I’m in some time warp – I keep waiting for April to show up….

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Amalfi Coast, Pt. 2 – Sorrento

OK. So let’s talk about the food. In Italy, the food itself is a love language. Here are some can’t miss highlights. The first night we ate at Ristorante L’Antica Trattoria which was like a secret garden down an unassuming alleyway in the center of town. Upon on our arrival, our table wasn’t ready quite yet – so…

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Amalfi Coast, Pt. 1 – Sorrento

Ciao, bella. <—- nope, i couldn’t think of a cornier line to kick off this post. I know I said I was coming back. But then two weeks after I said that, I left on a trip and I haven’t been home a full week since. And I love it. It’s been a whirlwind of…

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Melon Arugula Salad with Pecans

Sometimes you just need some bright and beautiful. It’s august. Where has the time gone? I find myself clinging to summer like it’s that last day of vacation and the sun is falling down on the horizon but if you stand there and stare at it, maybe it’ll last just one moment longer. Don’t come…

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Roasted Mediterranean Cauliflower

Well let’s get on with it, shall we darling? (read this for a vague post about why i’ve been away) I can’t imagine a dish better suited to be my comeback kid than this one. I’ve been pretty veggie-loving recently. I find them so flavorful – those colorful roasted carrots or grilled zucchini – cauliflower…

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wine talk: a note on why i’ve been away

hi guys. I’ve been sitting here, trying to figure out what to say. I’ve been away for the last couple of months, I know. My heart just hasn’t been here – it hasn’t been in a place where I feel like I’ve been a good enough me, the best me. The sassy me that started this little place….

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cheersing to..

A little girl explaining what she doesn’t understand about Easter. The beautiful moment a grandpa sees color for the first time. These reunions always gut me but I’ve always thought that one of the most beautiful things you can witness, that you can experience, is the end of missing someone. I only hope that if…

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