Cheersing to..


1. 15 things i would tell my 25 year old self. noted. #3 i’m going to do as much of as possible. #4 is a challenge i face. #7, need to do more of. #11, we must. 2. this “reasons I’m single” article. 3. Trying to plan my next trip, and want to take every single…

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Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

the sass is back. oh i’ve missed you. haven’t you missed me? especially when i refer to myself in the third person as “the sass?” i’m still single. still haven’t figured out why. i have missed this place. i’m sorry i’ve been away. it wasn’t even intentional. life, just happened. it was like one of…

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A keep going letter

i want to write  a love letter to the world. i want to stitch up the aches, the pains that people are suffering. i want to steal the hate from people’s souls and infuse them with acceptance, with compassion. sometimes when i’m having a bad day, i make myself turn on the news. i watch…

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Cheersing to –

1. an assault victim’s statement to her attacker. this will probably be the most powerful thing you’ve read all day. it’ll stick with you. 2. one woman’s argument that she should have a maternity leave, even if she doesn’t have kids. i think it’s an interesting article – it certainly makes several valid points. 3….

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Sassy Eats Does a Bridal Shower

the celebrations have begun. this summer (let’s be honest – like most mid and late 20s somethings summers) is all about the weddings. well, and now we’re starting on the babes – which is a whole new bundle of fun. one of the weddings i have this summer is for my best friend kelby –…

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Funfetti Cake Batter Pancakes

is it weird that i’m still avoiding a birthday that happened weeks ago? so typically i write a letter to myself about the previous year. i know it’s a little weird but i think it’s cool to look back and remember what the year gave you. the good, the bad, the people,  the ugly, the…

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The Ultimate BBLT

mercury is killing me. i just slipped on my badonkadonk in the bathroom, apparently the floor was slippery. i just sat there for a minute, and a girl walked out of the stall and looked at me like i had just told her donald trump might be our president. but it was just one of…

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