Thanksgiving Sheaf Bread


i’m a lot of things, but today, timely isn’t one of them. let’s chat about thanksgiving – a recap of sorts. well, i ate, drank, slept a little, and then opened more wine. my mom and i cooked up a storm so my sister opened champagne because my mom and i tend to cook differently…

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Autumn Kale Salad with Apples

well hey there November, didn’t you just come in like a bloody wrecking ball? whether you’re an indians fan or a cubs fan, a democrat or a republican – it’s been a head-spinning. roller coaster of a fall in my little world. sometimes you need to take life by the teaspoon. i don’t know what…

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Smoky Butternut Squash Fries

i’m a firm believer that when it comes to somethings, you should never compromise. never settle for anything less than the realest, truest version of it. like sheets. meats and fresh produce. handshakes. handbags. words. jeans. spices, oils and salts. cashmere. skincare. love. then, there are other things that you can skimp on. things you…

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Pumpkin Sage Soup

as i rounded the corner at state street and burton, the familiar rustle of leaves beneath my feet could only mean one thing – fall is here. i was in boston for a few days last week and admiring the contrast between the bright changing leaves and the cobblestone streets. i’ll have to do a…

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Peanut Butter Spider Cookies

So, Halloween. For me, it’s really just this annoying speed bump in between labor day and thanksgiving. I’ve never been a fan. Not even when I was little. I was always dressing up in ballet for this performance or that character, so to put on some costume wasn’t all that thrilling. But holidays are also…

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cheersing to…

(gets up on soapbox) watch this. and if you’re not moved to tears for this brave, strong little girl who sees everything that’s wrong with the world, and if your heart doesn’t shatter and if any hate you have left inside of you that’s reached well past its expiration date, you’re lost. and you’re the…

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the best kind of lost

I’ve been thinking a little bit about being stuck. About feeling like you’re in a canyon and you can’t find the way out you so desperately seek. How you convince yourself that if you stay the course, if you walk this tightrope, you’ll be just fine. You’ll come out fine. How you’ll be safe if…

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