Game Day Recipe Round-Up


Sunday is the big day! Apparently there’s a game on TV (and Tom Brady, again) but everyone knows that’s the fourth best thing about Sunday. The third best thing is that we get to drown out the Sunday scaries with booze and food comas. The second best thing is the commercials. The VERY best thing…

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Berry Beet Smoothie Bowl

So I have this friend. I don’t know how much my parents pay her to feign interest in my shenanigans, but I do hope it’s a decent amount for my looney tunes. Anyway, this friend (who has never lived in a big city) – recently looks at me and goes, “can I ask you a…

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Sassy Eats is THREE

It’s the sass’s THIRD birthday! (read year one, and year two) Another year in the books, another birthversary for Sassy Eats – she is three! (for the official definition of birthversary, read this) I’m a horrible mom, (yes I just equated my blog to your child, I know it’s offensive, hopefully you know it’s sarcasm)….

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Cheersing to..

This whole post goes to the Obamas and Bidens. Politics aside, they ran the White House (in my opinion) with integrity, grace and class. 1. Ellen says thank you. 2. This one gave me all the feels. It was awesome to see a president and VP have such a strong bond – it can only behoove…

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Winter Sangria

Patience. It’s not something that comes innately to me. I might be the person with the least amount of it. I get angry when people are walking slowly. Taking up the whole escalator. Counting change at the counter. When the elevator doors won’t open quickly enough. I get impatient that I’m impatient. This time of year…

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Cheersing to…

  1. Being the cafe girl. 2. To breaking free and your friends helping you do it. 3. To POTUS and the year of photographs. These are worth looking through, stunning and powerful and insightful. 3. Those parents that are reaching that halftime point. 4. Going to all of these places. 5. This new uncle the…

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